Business Leaders Count on the J. Edgar Group for Excellence and Integrity.

John O’Connor, CEO/Owner
Oztek Corp – Manchester, NH

“We are a technical manufacturing company.  Joanne has been our part-time CFO for seven years, over which time we’ve grown from a million dollars in revenue to six million.  She’s provided invaluable leadership and has given us a top-level view of things.  There are so many areas she has driven:  cash management, HR, equipment acquisition, M&A, costing, inventory control, hiring, asset management.  Joanne has been instrumental in our success, and I have peace of mind that we are making the right business decisions with Joanne’s proactive approach.  She is fully integrated in our organization, and we get the mindshare of someone who works with us on a regular basis.  Most growing companies can’t afford someone of Joanne’s caliber.  I have found it’s better to get someone who is really good at what they do with fewer hours, than hiring someone full-time who doesn’t have that senior level experience.”

Jennifer Gray, CEO
Market Street Talent

“As a fast growing company we wanted some sophisticated financial expertise. Peter comes in on a monthly basis to do our monthly reports, review balance sheets for accuracy, and oversee cash flow reports. He also does our tax planning, interfacing with our accountant and outside auditors. Peter has been consistent and thorough. He’s very responsive. He’s learned our business quickly. He’s a confidante and I trust him. The role he has played has been invaluable for us.”

Keith Turgeon, President and Owner

“Our company is growing but isn’t large enough for a full-time CFO. Joanne comes into the office when we need her. Namtek has benefitted from Joanne’s deep professional network in many different realms: legal, insurance, workers comp, government audits, banking, tax liability – she has a robust knowledge base. Joanne provides strong guidance and advice, like how much wiggle room we have to grow here and there. As I talk with other small business owners, I share the advantages of an on-demand CFO. Many don’t realize this kind of service is out there, and many don’t understand the difference between a CFO, accountant and bookkeeper. As our business has grown, financing partners have become more important in our business and Joanne can talk to them in their language. Her value to us is very apparent on a weekly basis.”

Tricia Mellor, CEO
Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains

“We needed a high level strategic Chief Financial Officer but as a non-profit we cannot afford a full-time CFO. Peter works with us on-site a couple days a week but is available whenever we need him. The staff views him as a financial leader. He has been an important addition at our board meetings, offering an outside perspective with an insider’s knowledge of our complex organization. Peter is easy to work with and has been invaluable to helping us get our financial house in order.”

Shaun Alfreds, COO

“We needed a strategic CFO for hire to advise our COO and CEO. We have complex contract and grant services. Peter helped us create a financial plan, policies, procedures, and controls so we’re in compliance with federal rules. He’s highly trusted by our audit firm and our entire team. He’s also been instrumental on the strategic front - advising us on how we plan for our financial growth and sustainability.”